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The farm “Miro Park” was developed from ‘scratch’ over the past seven years and now has a large home, huge shed and is fully fenced – with a dam in a natural ‘dip’ which is set in a treed reserve that is fenced off from stock.

It is in this reserve that the small group walked, meandering along the tracks in the mild, sunny weather.

Geoff and Dennis
Geoff and Dennis strolling towards the dam in the lovely sunshine.

The dam, in a natural forming dip in the landscape – however no water birds were located (on this occasion).

Left to right: Rod, Dennis, Geoff and Chris

Watching the pair of Wedge-tailed eagles soaring in the sky, above their nest, was a wonderful experience.

Watching eagles
Watching the eagles

Although the bush area that we walked through showed signs of the drought, recent rain appeared to have had some impact – to the delight of some plant lovers (as well as bird lovers).

Moss and lichen made a wonderful, soft carpet – while fungi was sprouting from a natural fertilizer (kangaroo/wallaby scat)!


The pair of ‘resident’ Wedge-tailed eagles was the highlight of the 19 different species sighted. Their nest is in a tree within the reserve.

Wedge-tailed eagle
Wedge-tailed Eagle (Photo by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos)

A wallaby was also spotted.

Below is a list of all the birds identified:

  1. Australian magpie
  2. Brown thornbill
  3. Crimson rosella
  4. Eastern spinebill
  5. Eastern yellow robin
  6. Fan-tailed cuckoo
  7. Galah
  8. Gang gang cockatoo
  9. Grey fantail
  10. Grey shrike-thrush
  11. New Holland honeyeater
  12. Raven sp.
  13. Red Wattlebird
  14. Striated thornbill
  15. Sulphur crested cockatoo
  16. Superb blue wren
  17. Wedge-tailed eagle – pair
  18. White-eared honeyeater
  19. White-throated tree creeper

Total = 19

Lynn Bunning