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It was exciting to find the Trim Greenhoods Pterostylis concinna just starting to flower in their extensive colonies, and to find the first flowers for the season of the Nodding Greenhood Pterostylis nutans in their colonies.

The Trim Greenhood can be identified by the notched brownish labellum which is visible above the front opening of the flower. The lateral sepals stand upright.

pterostylis concinnaTrim Greenhood

concinna closeupTrim Greenhood close-up

The Nodding Greenhood is familiar with its nodding habit–nutans means drooping. The rosette leaves have wavy edges. Lateral sepals curve downwards and the long curved labellum is visible beyond the front opening. Both of these species belong to the group of greenhoods where both flowering and non-flowering plants have a basal rosette of leaves.

nodding greenhoodsNodding Greenhoods

Another colony forming orchid is the Veined Helmet Orchid Corybas diemenicus. This is flowering now in the usual Gum Flat/Forest Rd corner. The dorsal sepal is hooded over the labellum with its central white patch and toothed red veined margins. The heart-shaped, ground hugging leaves are green top and bottom.

veined helmet orchidVeined Helmet Orchid

The other Helmet Orchid which will be flowering soon is the Slaty Helmet Corybas incurvus –incurvare meaning to bend in. The leaf of this Helmet Orchid is rounded. Both species of helmets have a prominent central vein that distinguishes them from the Gnat Orchids which may be growing close by. The dorsal hood of the Slaty Helmet is a slaty colour and is hooded over the reddish purple labellum which has a central white patch and toothed margins that are incurved–hence the name.

Tall Greenhoods Pterostylis melagramma are almost in flower and there are lots of orchid leaves of Waxlips, Sun Orchids, Spider Orchids, Hare Orchids, Gnats and Red Beaks.

Please let us know of your orchid discoveries. They are all documented and photographed in Orchids of the Anglesea District available from Angair.

Alison Watson/Marg MacDonald
Photographs by Alison Watson