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This month 10 birders went to Wurdee Buloc Reservoir (spelt Wurdibuloc in Google Maps) on the Cape Otway Road, which was a new birding location for everyone in the group.

It was easy walking around the perimeter of the reservoir and there were hundreds of birds, mainly water birds.

The first highlight was a single White-fronted Chat which kept us searching as it hopped in and out behind the rocks.

White-fronted ChatWhite-fronted Chat

Then we found several Great Crested Grebes and enjoyed looking at their striking head crests and colouring.

Great Crested GrebeGreat Crested Grebe

A White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew from a dead tree, which was another highlight.

White-bellied Sea-EagleWhite-bellied Sea-Eagle

We had two other standby locations but this one kept us occupied all morning and we counted 34 species including Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers.

Margaret Lacey