Friends of Eastern Otways (Great Otway National Park) is a local group auspiced by Parks Victoria

The Friends of Eastern Otways are people who share an interest in the natural environment and who would like to learn more about the Great Otway National Park and its flora and fauna. The Friends are committed to protecting the Park for all to appreciate and enjoy, working in partnership with the Department of Sustainability and Environment, and Parks Victoria. The Friends are involved in a variety of environmental projects each year:

  • Protection of flora and fauna biodiversity through removal of environmental weeds and planting indigenous species where appropriate.
  • Monitoring flora and fauna within the Park through surveys, spotlighting activities and the use of remote cameras.
  • Developing community awareness of values of the Great Otway National Park through walks in various areas.
  • Developing community awareness of the national park system through visiting other nearby parks.


The Secretary,
Friends of Eastern Otways (GONP)
PO Box 502,
Aireys Inlet VIC 3231
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Rules of Association
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September 2019 - July 2020


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Wildlife caught on camera

Kangaroos, Rufous Bristle Bird and Echidna - output from the camera monitoring
Bandicoot animation


End of year celebration at Moggs Creek 11 December 2022
Wildflower walk 15 October 2022
Urquhart Bluff Tree Planting Day 16 July 2022
Koala Count 18 June, 2022
Harrison Track Walk Saturday May 21 2022
Distillery Creek to Painkalac Dam Walk Saturday March 19 2022
End of Year Celebrations at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground
5 Mile Track walk 20 November 2021
Wildflower Walk October 16 2021
Sheoak Falls walk August 21 2021
Visit to Wildlife Wonders July 31 2021
Koala survey June 19 2021
Jamieson Creek walk May 15 2021
Creatures of the Night, Moggs Creek Picnic Ground April 17 2021
Lemonade Creek/Erskine Falls walk March 20 2021
Spotlight Activity Moggs Creek January 8 2021
End of Year Celebration at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground December 12 2020
Exploring Moggs Creek November 21 2020
Wildflower walk October 17 2020
Annual Koala Count Grey River Road June 20 2020

Ironbark Gorge Walk July 18 2020
End of Year Celebrations at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground December 14 2019
E-bike ride through nature at Cape Otway November 16 2019
Wildflower walk October 19 2019
Kalimna Falls walk August 17 2019
Lake Elizabeth Fungi walk July 20 2019
Annual Koala Count Grey River Road, June 9 2019
Link with Friends of Brisbane Ranges and walk in Brisbane Ranges National Park May 18 2019
Anglesea Heath walk - Red River track / Denham track April 20 2019
Two Rivers walk March 16 2019

End of Year Celebrations at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground December 8 2018
Old Beechy Rail Trail e-bike ride 17 November 2018
Bald Hills wildflower walk October 20 2018
Harrison Track North walk August 18 2018
Pt Addis & Ironbark Basin walk July 21 2018
Lemonade Creek walk June 30 2018
Annual Koala Count June 16 2018
Sabine Falls Fungi Walk 19 May 19 2018
Friends of Canadian Corridor/ Woowookarung Regional Park Excursion 21 April 2018
Spotlighting at Moggs Creek Friday 5 January 2018
End of Year Celebrations at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground Saturday 9 December 2017
Kennett River mammal survey Saturday 18 November 2017
Annual Wildflower Walk Fairhaven Ridge Saturday 21 October 2017
Visit to Long Forest Mallee 19 August 2017
Teddy’s Lookout Walk 15 July 2017
Annual Koala count 18 June 2017
A day on the Anglesea Heath 20 May 2017
Moggs Creek/Coalmine Track Walk 15 April 2017
Serendip Sanctuary 18 March 2017
Kangaroos caught on camera
End of Year Celebrations at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground 10 December 2016
Pt Addis Excursion 19 November 2016
Grassland Exploration Day 30 October 2016

Visit to Werribee Zoo 19 August 2016
Fungi excursion at Grey River 16 July 2016
Annual Koala Survey 16 June 2016
Great Otway walk (Shelly Beach to Marengo) 21 May 2016
Little Aire & Triplet Falls walk Saturday 16 April 2016
Ironbark Gorge walk 19 March 2016
End of Year Celebration 12 December 2015

Mammal Survey at Reedy Creek Track and walk to Kelsall’s Rock 21 November 2015
Wildflower walk 17 October 2015
Annual Koala count 18 July 2015

Sabine Falls walk 15 August 2015

Ironbark Drive and Zig-Zag Track through heathlands 20 June 2015
Visit to Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre 16 May 2015
Currawong Falls Track/Commemorative Ceremony for Claire Roberts’ Seat Saturday April 18

Lemonade Creek walk 21 March 2015
End of Year Celebration 13 December 2014
Mammal Survey and Walk at Forrest November 15 2014
Wildflower Walk in Anglesea Heath October 18 2014
Loves Track, Trig Point, Currawong Falls Track to Distillery Creek Picnic Ground walk August 16 2014
2014 Koala Count July 19 2014
Excursion to Melbourne Museum June 21 2014
Big Hill and Reedy Creek Track Walk and Mammal Survey May 17 2014
Visit to Bat Cave near Cumberland River and walk in Kennett River area April 9 2014
Visit to Cape Otway Ecological Centre and Walk from Bimbi Park to Cape Otway Lighthouse March 15 2014
President's Report 2013
End of Year Celebration 14 December 2013
Mammal Survey & Walk to Kelsall’s Rock 16 November 2013
Wildflower walk in Brisbane Ranges 19 October 2013
Friends' Display at ANGAIR WILDFLOWER SHOW September 21 & 22 2013
Kalimna Falls Walk 17 August 2013
Koala Count Grey River June 15 2013
The intrepid seven get to the Cumberland Cascades  May 18 2013
Visit to Lake Elizabeth April 21 2013
Surf Coast Walk  Point Roadknight to Aireys Inlet  March 16 2013
AGM February 2013
President's Report
End of Year Celebration Friends of Eastern Otways/ANGAIR
Mammal Survey and walk in Ironbark Gorge November 17
Wildflower Walk October 20
Currawong Falls Walk August 18
National Tree Day 27 July 2012
Helping Out 24 July 2012
Visit to Friends of Buckley Falls 15 July 2012
Annual Koala Survey 16 June 2012
World Environment Day 5 June 2012
Distillery Creek to Moggs Creek Walk 19 May 2012
Visit to Cape Otway Centre for Conservation Ecology 21 April 2012
Secondary School Students help out at Moggs Creek
Weeding on Anglesea Heathlands
Grassy Creek Walk
New Distillery Creek Interpretive Signage
End of Year Celebration 2011
Wildflower Walk 15 October 2011
Mammal Survey


Proposed Program of Events 2021
(Details can be found in Newsletter and in Events section of website)

Environmental Weeding

Contact Margaret MacDonald 0412 652 419

See details in Events section of web site


Mammal Surveys

Mammal surveys are usually carried out on the first Tuesday of each month following our Committee meetings.  
We are always pleased to welcome any people interested in our indigenous fauna to participate in these activities. Naturally we are keen to photograph rare and threatened species and a minimum of feral animals, but whatever animals we do locate are adding to the overall picture of the fauna population in the Park. Please make contact to find meeting place and approximate meeting time.  
Contact: Patrick Flanagan 0437 561 702

Please note that this is a proposed program and is subject to change.  Make sure you read Forthcoming Events in current Newsletters.  Additional activities may also be advertised through the Newsletters.

Events Calendar


Tue 9:30am - 11:00am


Tue 9:30am - 11:00am


Fri 9:30am - 12:00pm

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