Despite a few hiccups in the preparation for our wildflower walk, when we found we had omitted to include details in our previous Newsletter, the wildflower walk in the Anglesea Heath was most enjoyable.  We had a group of 25 members and friends who shared in this activity with us and we were joined by Bryce and Deborah, professional photographers, who were keen to get some pictures of flowers and people enjoying themselves in the bushland.

It was a perfect spring day and we were amazed that, despite the lack of rain, the heathland flowers were most spectacular. We visited three sites.  Our first stop was at a section of the Great Otway National Park at Mt Ingoldsby where the Purple Eyebright grows. It was showing off its beauty in all shades from pale mauve to deep purple.

Purple Eyebright

We were also thrilled to find two Tiny Caladenia Caladenia pusilla in perfect condition, and also some flower buds of the rare Blotched Sun Orchid Thelymitra benthamiana, hopefully strong enough to open in a couple of weeks time. This area is scheduled for an ecological burn which should be of great benefit to the vegetation.

Tiny Caladenia

Blotched Sun Orchid

Our next stop was on Mt Ingoldsby Road where we just stopped long enough for everyone to admire the Flying Duck Orchids.

Flying Duck Orchid

The main purpose of our walk was to take people into the Salt Creek area between Alcoa Boundary Track and Peregrine Track that is designated as a future mining area if coal mining is continued in the area.

Flowers contrasting with the Power Station

The extensive coal mine

We wanted people to be aware of the beauty of the area.

Walking on Alcoa Boundary Track

There were so many species to admire – so many colours intermingling.

Dwarf Bush-pea

Heath Milkwort

Silky Teatree

So many flowers to photograph.

Chrissy photographing a Grass Trigger-plant

And it wasn’t just the flowers.

A spectacular spider web on the Western Furze Hakea

Imperial Jezebel Butterfly on the Shining Peppermint

At the end of the walk the group photo was taken by Bryce and we all agreed it had been a great day’s activity.


Margaret MacDonald

Photography per courtesy Bryce Dunkley ©



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