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2017 Painkalac Valley Conservation areas

2016 Land Managers

Land management and flood overlay
Small version
Original size (note: extremely large file)

VCAT decsions

2020 VCAT Bridge over Painkalac Creek decision

1999 VCAT ruling re combined Landscape and Conservation Management Plan

1998 VCAT ruling re subdivision

The Painkalac Project
The Painkalac Project sought to secure and regenerate a major area of remnant wetland in the Painkalac Valley between the existing nature reserves on the lower creek and Old Coach Road.

2017 The Painkalac Project Valley detailed description

2016 The Painkalac Project Vision

2016 AIDA commissioned land valuation 23-79 Bambra Road


War on weeds newspaper cutting

Painkalac Valley Network home page

Painkalac Resource Repository
Explore the links below to learn about the importance, complexity and wonder of the Painkalac Valley – from the source to the sea:

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