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2023 The influence of geomorphology and environmental conditions on stratification in intermittently open/closed estuaries
Large changes in stratification occur as water drains from the estuary to the ocean potentially leading to a loss of of the top oxygenated layer of the water column during drainage which can cause fish kills. This study could be useful for estuary managers to predict how stratification in different types of Intermittently Open/Closed Estuaries will change during artificial openings and provide a proxy for predicting their response to climate change.

2020 Field observations of geomorphic change during artificial openings
A dataset that enables us to understand what changes in entrance morphology occur during an opening and how these changes affect the rates of basin drainage. Findings: Calculating the hydraulic gradient is a cost-effective and easy way to assess the likely success of artificial openings. Ultimately this will reduce the need for reimplementation. The hydraulic gradient can also be used to predict drainage rates and determine when natural openings are likely to occur.

1990 Painkalac Creek Wetlands and Floodplain Environment Study
An environmental study of the Painkalac Creek floodplain was carried out in late 1989 and 1990. Aspects investigated included geomorphology, soils, hydrology and water quality, flora, fauna, visual landscape, land use, aboriginal heritage values, planning and development issues.

1979 Environmental Plan for Painkalac Creek Catchment
This study of the Painkalac Creek catchment was done for the Aireys Inlet District Association through the Monash University Environmental Science Course. Areas of research included the geology and geomorphology, history, ecology, investigation of the likely environmental effects of the water reticulation scheme, assessment of the existing planning proposals and formulation of recommendations for future studies to enhance understanding of the region and future changes in environmental factors.

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