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Painkalac Creek in flood

Painkalac Creek in flood 2007 (photo by Roger Ganly)


2016 Painkalac Creek Elevation Guide map

2014 CCMA 1-100 year flood map of Painkalac Creek

Land management and flood overlay map
Small version
Original size (note: extremely large file)


2023 Aireys Inlet Draft Local Flood Guide

2022 Painkalac Creek: Facts on Flooding

2015 CCMA Flood report 23-79 Aireys Inlet
Provides a summary of available flood information for this property. The information relates to inundation that is associated with waterways (riverine flooding) and coastal storm surge only.

2013 Painkalac Creek Flood Study
The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority has completed a detailed hydrological study of Painkalac Creek catchment to determine design flow estimates for the hydraulic floodplain modelling of Airey’s Inlet. This work forms the basis of new flood overlays to be introduced into the Surf Coast Shire Council Planning Scheme.

Painkalac Valley Network home page

Painkalac Resource Repository
Explore the links below to learn about the importance, complexity and wonder of the Painkalac Valley – from the source to the sea:

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