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Faecal contamination in Painkalac Creek and Estuary

Painkalac Estuary Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program 12/12/2023 – 24/4/2023:

Surf Coast Shire presentation AIDA forum 21 Jan 2023 – E.coli monitoring

Summary of E.coli and enterococci testing 1977-2023

E.coli test results 26 Jan 2022

E.coli test results 20 Jan 2022

2006 Painkalac Creek and Estuary: Pollution Source Investigation
A study by GHD to identify pollution sources in the lower Painkalac Creek catchment and provide recommendations for addressing any identified pollution sources.


EstuaryWatch Reports

15 years of EstuaryWatch data – presentation by Rod Brooks, coordinator Painkalac EstuaryWatch groups at AIDA forum 21 Jan 2023

Painkalac Creek Estuary 2016: An interpreted summary of data

Painkalac Creek Estuary 2015: An interpreted summary of data

Painkalac Creek Estuary 2007-2013: Data analysis and interpretation

Painkalac Creek Estuary: An interpreted summary of data 2007-2013

Interpreting EstuaryWatch data

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